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Lifestyle Disorders

Functional Medicine Seminar, Kozhikode

Join us for an exclusive seminar where our experts will discuss the latest advancements in functional medicine. Gain insights into innovative treatments and strategies to reverse and prevent diabetes, obesity, hormone disorders, autoimmune disorders and other chronic lifestyle diseases.

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Reserve your Seats

27 July 2024

6.30 PM to 8.30 PM

Hotel Hyson Heritage, Mavoor Road Jn, Kozhikode

Registration Fee : Rs 500 per head.

​The seminar will be followed by a unique dinner experience curated by Harmony.

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Meet your Speakers

Dr Manjunath Sukumaran

Functional Health Coach

After a successful career in veterinary clinical service for 12 years, Dr Manjunath rerouted his career to human nutrition and health coaching. He is a graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York and is certified by The Institute of Functional Medicine, Cleveland in 'Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice'. He is a certified yoga instructor and is currently pursuing a Master's in Public Health from Kerala University of Health Sciences

Dr Manjunath Sukumaran, Functional Health Coach

Dr Sudheer Raveendran


Dr.Sudheer did his Post Graduation in Internal Medicine and has been involved in general practice for over10 years. His current areas of interests are Nutritional Medicine and Functional Medicine. His unique clinical experience in this domain sets him apart, allowing him to address health issues by exploring the root causes and interconnectedness of various bodily systems.

Dr Sudheer Raveendran, Physician

Key Takeaways

The Functional Medicine Way

Understand the core science behind functional medicine, the evidence based, integrated approach to modern medicine


The Root Cause

Today we treat symptoms, often missing the root cause behind a condition. Finding this vital to designing a treatment that works.


Lifestyle & Behavior 

Learn the role of lifestyle, physical activity, mental health, sleep and other factors in the reversal and prevention of disorders.


A Dining Experience

Food is more than nutrition. It is emotion. It's information. We treat you to a healthy dinner, curated through Harmony's principles.

You will be redirected to a secure Razorpay payment page. Once the payment is made, we will get in touch with you. 

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