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Functional Health Coaching

Transform your life through personalized support, cutting-edge science, and holistic lifestyle interventions.

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Health History

You begin your journey with a 'Health History' consultation. In a 75 minute session with a panel of our experts we delve into the deepest aspects of your well-being. We comprehensively explore your health challenges, dietary habits, genetic traits, and lifestyle patterns influencing your overall health and happiness.

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Diet & Nutrition

We believe there is no one diet that fits all. Each individual is different with different metabolisms, preferences, and unique nutritional needs. Our wellness approach celebrates the diversity of individuals, acknowledging that the effectiveness of dietary interventions lies in their tailored design and sustainable implementation. We do not prescribe dietary charts. Instead, we train individuals to reset their inner compasses, and repair their relationships with the food they eat. 

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Recognising the profound impact of daily habits on the body's intricate systems, our approach emphasises the importance of lifestyle interventions. We intervene in every aspect of an individual's lifestyle from their shopping and cooking habits to their personal, professional and home environments. 

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Mental Health

Functional Medicine approach adopts a comprehensive perspective, recognizing the intricate interplay of biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Our approach understands how mental health imbalances can lead to lifestyle disorders and vice versa. We delve beyond symptom management, aiming to identify and address the root causes of mental health challenges with our team of psychologists, doctors and nutritionists. 

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Quality sleep plays a fundamental role in supporting essential physiological processes, such as cellular repair, immune function, and hormonal balance. By addressing sleep patterns and promoting healthy sleep hygiene, we aim to optimize the body's regenerative processes, thus helping prevent and reverse lifestyle disorders. 

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Physical Activity

Engaging in physical activity not only supports cardiovascular health, weight management, and musculoskeletal strength but also plays a crucial role in reversing metabolic disorders, regulating mood, reducing stress, and enhancing cognitive function. Through personalized assessments, we tailor exercise recommendations to individual needs, considering the unique interplay between lifestyle and health goals.

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