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Reverse Lifestyle Diseases through Functional Medicine

We empower you to take charge of your health through dietary, lifestyle and behavioral modifications.


Health Coaching

Here, modern medical practices are combined with nutrition, dietary & lifestyle modifications; use of the latest diagnostic techniques; physical and mental health support and prescribed combinations of medicines, and supplements.

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Through the method of functional medicine, I reduced my HbA1c to around 6 which was above 9 earlier, strictly following the procedure.


Edappal, Kerala

Not only did I lose a few kgs, but this lifestyle and diet change also got my period and sleep cycle back on track, reduced bloating, and along with it, my skin cleared up.

Berlin, Germany

Amazing! Improved metabolism. Healthy weight loss. And no migraines


Trivandrum, Kerala

Root Causes

We specialize in addressing a spectrum of lifestyle disorders, from metabolic imbalances like diabetes and obesity, gut disorders like GERD, hormone dysfunctions like PCOD & thyroid disorder, stress-related ailments to chronic inflammation, employing a comprehensive approach that included going to the root cause of the ailment.

Services offered

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Meet the Team

Dr Manjunath Sukumaran, Functional Health Coach

Dr Manjunath Sukumaran

Functional Health Coach

Gouri Krishna, Nutritionist & Health Coach

Gouri Krishna

Senior Nutritionist & Health Coach

Dr Geetha Manjunath, Nutritionist

Dr Geetha Manjunath


Manya V, Nutritionist

Manya V


Dr Santhakumari Amma T, Physician

Dr Santhakumari Amma T


Dhannya Mathew, Counselling Psychologist

Dhannya Mathew

Counselling Psychologist

Jinu Nair, Yoga Trainer

Jinu Nair

Yoga Trainer

Dr Sudheer Raveendran, Physician

Dr Sudheer Raveendran


Thasleena Rabia, Nutritionist & Health Coach

Thasleena Rabia

Senior Nutritionist  & Health Coach

Treesa Joseph, Nutritionist

Treesa Joseph


Dr Pranaya Bagde, Dermatologist

Dr Pranaya Bagde


Vishnu S Kumar, Psychologist

Vishnu S Kumar


Dr Kavitha L, Gyneacologist

Dr Kavitha L S

Gynaecologist, Obstetrician

Vinay Krishnan, Physiotherapist

Vinay Krishnan V. MPT 

Consultant Physiotherapist

Jeril Maria, Office Administrator

Jeril Maria

Office Administrator

Why our approach works

Personalized approach helps to identify and address root causes of chronic lifestyle disorders. 

Holistic focus on diet, nutrition, lifestyle, physical activity, sleep, mental health, and more.

Modern-based and evidence-backed methodologies for a reliable and effective approach.

Health Coaching keeps you steady, focussed and accountable ensuring sustainable changes. 




Nothing short of life-changing. Best decision I made for my health. I feel more in control of my body and mind.

M Jayachandran

M Jayachandran

I am indebted to Dr Manjunath for showing me the path to good health. His expertise in health analysis and solutions is uniquely exceptional.

Jayalakshmi & Prasanth

Jayalakshmi & Prashant

Improved metabolism, healthy weight loss. And no migraines. We hardly have digestion-related problems now. Sleep has improved significantly

Ernst & Young

EY Logo

A perspective altering seminar, a truly wonderful experience for our employees. Thank you for showing us how to feel less stressed and more energized at work.


SunTec Logo

The Secrets to Optimal Health"  was highly informative and packed with useful practices to be followed. An enlightening talk.

Indian Medical Association

IMA Logo

Harmony Program will be extremely valuable for anybody who is interested in their children leading a healthy life empowered with the right information.

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